Why should you sell on Pluggable?

The Pluggable WordPress plugin marketplace offers a great opportunity for developers and businesses to sell their plugins and reach a wide audience of WordPress users. With Pluggable, you can easily list your plugins and make them available to thousands of potential customers.

Additionally, Pluggable offers a range of features and tools to help you promote and sell your plugins, such as detailed analytics and reporting, integrated payment processing, and more. Whether you are a developer looking to monetize your skills or a business looking to expand your online presence, Pluggable is a great choice for selling your WordPress plugins.

Selling on Pluggable can be beneficial for the following reasons:


Pluggable helps you market your plugin to WordPress users, providing you with access to a large audience of potential customers.


Pluggable’s marketplace is curated, which means that your plugin will be seen by users actively searching for solutions to their problems.


Selling your plugin on Pluggable can be an excellent way to generate a good amount of revenue, as users are willing to pay for high-quality, well-designed plugins. Also, you can withdraw up to 93% from your plugin sales.


Pluggable provides top-notch support and resources for plugin developers and customers, making it easy to get started with plugin developers and troubleshoot any issues that may arise from the customers.


Pluggable has a great community of developers, users, and WordPress enthusiasts. You can network and learn from other successful plugin developers.


Pluggable is the only marketplace dedicated to marketing and selling WordPress plugins and being on it with a good plugin can help you establish your brand among the WordPress community.

License Management

Pluggable can help with license management which can track licenses for each plugin and ensure that only those with valid licenses have access to updates and support. This can help simplify the process of managing licenses for multiple plugins, as all of the information is in one place and can be easily accessed and managed.