No need to hire a content writer for your website.

CoWriter can create articles for your website automatically based on your suggestions ( topics ) and in the style you like. All the contents will be accurate, professional, human-like and free of grammar errors.

Along with the content it also generates an image for your content.

Another helpful feature is the ability to schedule a post.This allows you to create a post with time and date,so you can choose when it will be published.


⭐ Generate post with default wordpress editor

After installing the CoWriter plugin in the classic editor you will get two more additional blocks called Generate Text, Generate Image.
Generate text block will open a box where a block of content will be generated as the instruction you have given.Same also apply for generate image block.

Details: Demo Video

⭐ Schedule post for future publish

Don’t want to publish your post right now,but want to schedule it for later?don’t worry we got your back.From the CoWrite schedules page you can just do just that.

Go to the schedules page in your CoWrite plugin from the admin panel, add a new schedule and then give necessary information.At the end in the configuration section you will see the time to publish tab where you can set the time and date for your post.

Details:Demo Video

⭐ See usage & statistic

Visual representation of the contents you have created along with their time,type,command,output,cost(text/image generation cost) will be available here.

⭐Help & support

We always prioritize our customers.You can reach us anytime from the help & support section by asking support.Submit a ticket and our expert support team will be there for you.

⭐Change the way content and image generated

Content and image quality will vary based on the model you choose.We have a lot of options.

If you want to generate text with better ,longer output, and consistent instruction then text-davinci-003 is the option to go with.If you want to go for more expensive options gpt-3.5-turbo is for you.For further details 👉 visit.

📢 One thing to keep in mind that all of these features will only available when you active your CoWriter plugin.

To activate the plugin go to your CoWriter setting page from the license section.Click the activate button.It will take you to the page.Where you can see CoWriter as an item name.Click use this license,then activate now button.🎉Boom!! your license has been activated now.

Get started

So, why wait 🤔? don’t waste time creating content or product descriptions by hand.Let the CoWriter generate them for you automatically and save your times.You can use the time to work on other parts of your business.

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Installation Guide
Changelog 0.9 (06.01.2023)
  • Initial release
PHP version 7.4
WP Version 5.0
Tested up to 6.0


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  • Good Plugin for Generate Content with

    I recently tried out this plugin and was pleasantly surprised by its performance. The plugin was easy to install and set up, and it did a great job of generating high-quality content that was relevant to the topic I specified. The generated content was well-written and free of errors, and it was a useful tool for quickly coming up with ideas for blog posts draft.

  • Helped me a lot on landing my ecommerce store.

    We started a ecommerce website .We had to get into the business as soon as possible for that we had to add a lot of product.But the problem
    was with the content of the product,we weren’t able to hire enough content writer at that moment.
    Then we heard about this plugin,it helped us a lot with the product content.The content genarated by the plugin wan not perfect but enough for us to get started.
    Thanks to the developer.

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