Monitor keeps track of various user activities on your WordPress website. It stores login logs, visit logs, and search logs of your website, providing detailed information about when and how users are interacting with your site. This plugin is particularly useful for monitoring user activity for security or analytics purposes, as it allows you to quickly and easily view important data about your website’s visitors.

It can help you identify any potential issues or areas for improvement on your website. With Monitor, you can have a better understanding of your website audience and make data-driven decisions to improve your website’s performance, content planning, and marketing.


Login Logs

The login or logout events of your WordPress website will be displayed in a list of Monitor plugins. The list consists of valuable data including – username, action name, IP, time of the action, and user agent details.

Visit logs

Every time a user of your website visits a specific page will be tracked by the Monitor plugin. The visit logs include the user name, URL, IP, time of the visit, and user agent details.

Search logs

The Monitor plugin can also track all the search queries made by the users on your website. The log includes the username, keyword, number of results found, and time.

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WP Version 4.0
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  • Very useful plugin!!

    I was looking for something to track users on our website. This plugin is exactly what I needed. You can track activity and users. You can see who visited which pages, username, action name, IP, time of the action, and user agent details.

  • Khalid Lane

    It is very useful plugin and must have for all wordpress site bcoz it has a superb functionality for security of user activity on your website. My vote is a two thumbs up for this plugin. I recommend to use this service.

  • Jonathan Ward

    Hi, love your plugin!
    is it possible for non admin (like editor or custom role) to see the log also?

    Thank you in advance

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