When you upload an image using Media Uploader, WordPress generates multiple copies/thumbnails of that image. By default, WordPress generates 4 thumbnails-

  • Thumbnail
  • Medium
  • Medium-large
  • Large

But along with this, theme and plugin developers can register their own thumbnails. Although they may be on purpose, but sometimes they remain unused.

Think about it, unnecessary additional images are eating up your server space and slowing down your site!

Sounds like a problem? What is the solution then?
This is where our plugin comes into the picture. Just install the plugin and choose which of the image sizes you want to prevent from generating.

  • Works with any plugin and theme.
  • WooCommerce compatible.
  • Multisite compatible.
  • Super easy to install and configure.
  • It’s free and always will be.
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Installation Guide
Changelog 2022-10-22 – 3.6.1
  • [fix] 404 error fixed 2022-10-18 – 3.6
  • [imp] Sanitization issue fixed
2022-05-23 – 3.5
  • [imp] Code optimized and sanitized
  • [imp] New dashboard
2022-04-24 –
  • [add] Auto redirection to the Setup wizard disabled 2022-04-18 –
  • [add] Setup wizard improved
2022-04-18 –
  • [add] Skip button added in the setup wizard
2022-04-13 –
  • [add] Setup wizard added for easier installation
2022-04-09 –
  • [fix] SQL error fixed
2022-04-09 – 3.4.5
  • [fix] Sanitized and escaped
2022-03-23 – 3.4.4
  • [fix] Code better sanitized and secured
2022-03-21 – 3.4.3
  • [fix] Repetitive API call for docs removed
2022-02-28 –
  • [fix] Repetitive API call stopped
2022-02-26 –
  • [fix] Repetitive API call fixed
2022-02-26 –
  • [fix] Missing asset loading fixed
2022-02-26 – 3.4.2
  • [fix] Error fixed.
  • [imp] Performance improved. CSS and JS minified.
2022-01-09 – 3.4.1
  • [add] Uninstaller added
  • [add] plugins_api_result filter added
  • [fix] Banner close link fixed
  • [fix] Notice cannot be removed
  • [fix] Updated composer package compatibility fixed
  • [fix] Blog posts sync fixed
  • [imp] Image improved
  • [add] Pgoress bar restored
  • [add] Chunk added for regenerating thumbnails
  • [add] Progress bar added
  • [imp] Interval added for regerate thumbs
  • [imp] Notice improved
  • [fix] Errors and bugs fixed
  • [imp] Performance improved
  • [imp] Default image checkox set to No
  • [fix] error fixed
  • [chg] Checkbox position changed
  • [imp] Code improved
  • [imp] Settings page improved
  • [fix] Admin bad menu remove
  • [chg] Menu moved to under the Media menu
  • [fix] License server moved
  • [fix] Error fixed
  • [imp] Nag dismiss
  • [imp] Code improved
  • [imp] Code Rewritten
  • [add] Regenerate Thumbnail
  • [add] Help and FAQs
  • [imp] Improved UI and UX
  • [fix] Small fix
  • [fix] Help email
  • [imp] Better screenshot
  • [fix] JS fix
  • [add] Contact form added
  • [imp] Transliteration
  • [fix] Warning fix
  • [imp] Transliteration
  • [fix] jQuery error
  • [add] Transliteration
  • [add] Checkbox to select all
  • Initial release
PHP version 7.4
WP Version 5.0
Tested up to 6.1


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  • simple and useful in many ways

    I had to rethink the option of deleting my extra images or not. After some research I had chosen to change my function.php code instead of using a plugin. But this ImageSize has helped me to check what strings where actually the ones to modify. I have now uninstalled it, but when I tested it worked smoothly. It’s very useful if you know that you will never need extra images… in my case I needed to do a custom setting so I’m not using it anymore but, as I said, ImageSize is simple and effective.

  • Works great!

    I have this on 5 different installations now. I used it along with Force Regenerate Thumbnails to get rid of lots of unneeded redundant images that were taking up my storage quota. Use this plugin first to specify which sizes you want to generate, then run Force Regenerate Thumbnails to delete the redundant sizes. I had 9 additional resizes being created by WordPress and my theme! That’s a lot of wasted space. Just be sure not to get rid of sizes that are actually being used for something!

  • Excellent. Just what I needed.

    Excellent. Something that should exist years ago, finally here.

  • Best and only working plugin!

    It perfectly works on all versions of WP. It does what it says.
    Stops generating unnecessary image sizes, so save spaces and prevent crowded files.
    Best of the best.

  • Essential plugin

    You are a hero. The resizing of images by WordPress is borderline moronic. Increasing uploaded image sizes (in kb) almost tenfold, sometimes!

    This plugin is a must-have for optimizing loading speeds.

  • most useful plugin i ever tested

    this must be the most useful plugin i ever tested in wordpress, without this i couldn’t even bare to use wordpress. this save me from the hideous plague of duplicated, unwanted and ridiculous auto generated thumbs. thanks a lot 🙂

  • Stop generating thumbnails

    You can combine this plugin with Photon’s Jetpack, thumbnails are created on-the-fly on the jetpack server.

  • It works! but…

    I’ve just used this plugin, and it cleaned about 80% useless files, so MARVELOUS!! However, a part of thumbnails were resized (ex: from 300×179 to 300×180), so that some articles couldn’t read them, and I must edit the articles manually. It’s a very good plugin, KEEP GOING and IMPROVE IT!

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