Meet **ThumbPress** – your comprehensive solution for all image and thumbnail management issues on WordPress. πŸ”₯

With ThumbPress, you can easily Disable Thumbnails, Regenerate Thumbnails, Compress Images, Convert Images to WebP, Detect Large Images, Disable Right Click on Images, Social Media Thumbnails, Set Image Upload Limit, Edit Images, and much more.

As you already know, the default WordPress system falls behind in providing an efficient solution for image and thumbnail management. This results in slower site performance and increased server space usage. To solve these issues, site owners often use multiple plugins, which can sometimes worsen the problem.

And that’s where ThumbPress comes in! We developed this all-in-one plugin to tackle all your image and thumbnail challenges, help you save more server space, and ultimately, ensure your website runs at lightning speed.

### πŸ‘‰ All ThumbPress WordPress Image Management Features

πŸ’₯ Disable Thumbnails
πŸ’₯ Regenerate Thumbnails
πŸ’₯ [Detect Unused Images]( [Pro]
πŸ’₯ Set Image Upload Limit
πŸ’₯ [Detect Large Images]( [Pro]
πŸ’₯ [Compress Images]( [Pro]
πŸ’₯ [Replace Image with New Version]( [Pro]
πŸ’₯ Set Social Media Thumbnails
πŸ’₯ [Image Editor]( [Pro]
πŸ’₯ Convert Images into WebP
πŸ’₯ Disable Right Click on Image

Here are some of the key features of the ThumbPress plugin for WordPress Image Management –

#### πŸš€ Social Media Thumbnails

ThumbPress enables you to assign unique thumbnails for various social media platforms, ensuring that an image intended for Facebook remains uncropped when shared on Twitter or LinkedIn. You have the ability to upload distinct thumbnails for each social media site.

#### πŸš€ Image Upload Limit

Set a maximum limit for image upload size and resolution to ensure faster loading times. Our feature allows you to customize these parameters according to your website requirements and prevent oversized images from slowing down your site.

#### πŸš€ Disable Thumbnails

Delete and disable WordPress thumbnail generation for all uploaded images and clean up your WordPress Media Library. With ThumbPress, you can streamline this process to improve page load speeds and overall site performance with just a few clicks.

#### πŸš€ Regenerate Thumbnails

Regenerate previously deleted thumbnails at any moment, regardless of their size. No more worrying about lost thumbnails β€” our solution guarantees swift restoration, keeping your site’s visual appeal flawless and consistent.

#### πŸš€ Convert Images into WebP

Convert images to WebP format directly from the dashboard and upgrade your website’s performance without sacrificing image quality. This advanced function ensures your images remain crisp and clear while reducing file size compared to traditional formats.

#### πŸš€Disable Right Click on Image

Disable the right-click function on your website, a simple yet effective way to deter visitors from downloading or copying your images and thumbnails. It’s a preventive measure that adds an extra layer of protection to your digital assets and keeps your visuals exclusive to your site.

### πŸ‘‰ ThumbPress Pro Features

πŸ”₯ [Detect Large Images]( [Pro]
πŸ”₯ [Detect Unused Images]( [Pro]
πŸ”₯ [Compress Images]( [Pro]
πŸ”₯ [Replace Image with New Version]( [Pro]
πŸ”₯ [Image Editor]( [Pro]

Check out our [Pro Features]( and [Pricing Plans]( here – [](

#### 🌟 Detect Large Images

Find and compress oversized images, or delete them entirely to get back valuable server space. It’s a great way to improve user experience by speeding up your site’s loading time and streamlining media files directly on the WordPress dashboard.

#### 🌟 Detect Unused Images

Find unused images on WordPress and delete them using ThumbPress to free up valuable server space. Keep your digital space tidy and optimize our site’s loading time with our comprehensive WordPress image management solution.

#### 🌟 Compress Images

Optimize and reduce your image size by compressing them directly from the dashboard using ThumbPress. Our built-in image compressor tailors images to meet your site’s specific demands without compromising on file or visual quality.

#### 🌟 Replace Image with New Version

Update your website’s images to newer versions without altering their existing links to ensure your content remains fresh and up-to-date. It’s the perfect solution for maintaining visual relevance without the hassle of manual link updates.

#### 🌟 Image Editor

Highlight the finest aspects of your images with ThumbPress’s array of filters and adjustments. From adjusting brightness and contrast to applying artistic filters, this feature allows you to present your visuals in the most captivating way possible.

Plugin Category
Installation Guide
= 2024-05-29 – v5.2.3 =
- [imp] optimized code and reduced plugin file size
- [imp] improved style of disable thumbnails module
- [imp] added links for interconnecting two modules
= 2024-05-21 – v5.2.2 =
- [fix] Fixed the issue of stopping generating thumbnails
= 2024-05-21 – v5.2.1 =
- [imp] removed pointer notice
= 2024-05-21 – v5.2 =
- [fix] solved regenerate thumbnails issue
- [imp] optimized javascript code
= 2024-05-20 – v5.1.2 =
- [imp] removed admin notice from dashboard
- [mod] changed leave a review button url
= 2024-05-15 – v5.1.1 =
- [fix] `Add New Plugin` page refersh button onclick issue fixed
= 2024-05-09 – v5.1.0.2 =
- [imp] code structure improved
- [fix] sub-menu text changed
- [fix] replace images issue fixed
- [fix] convert all images issue fixed
- [fix] convert images scaled issue fixed
- [fix] delete original image after conversion issue fixed
- [add] get image from attached file with scaled name function added
- [imp] code cleaned and image mime type updated
- [fix] action scheduler table issue fixed
- [imp] check action scheduler table function updated
- [add] create action scheduler tables if missing
- [imp] check action table before activation and delete option table data
- [imp] plugin settings slug changed
- [fix] dashboard pointer issue solved
- [imp] dashboard banner logic updated
- [add] social share image single post check added
- [add] social share image extra check added to avoid warning
- [fix] scaled image regenerate issue fixed
- [fix] scaled image thumbnail regenerate in background issue fixed
= 2024-05-01 – v5.0.2 =
* [fix] fixed pinterest thumbnail in social share images module
* [fix] fixed typographic issues in sereral modules
* [fix] fixed Setup Wizard skip button URL
* [fix] fixed some minor issues in Setup Wizard
* [add] Pinterest pin support added for woocommerce product in social share images module
* [add] fallback image meta tag added for Twitter card in social share images module
* [imp] Pinterest pin meta tag updated in social share images module
* [imp] improved some styles
= 2024-04-29 – v5.0.1 =
* [fix] JS and CSS minified
* [fix] Compat tested with WordPress 6.5.2
= 2024-04-29 – v5.0 =
* [new] #### πŸš€ Introduced modules-
- Detect Unused Images
- Set Image Upload Limit
- Detect Large Images
- Compress Images
- Replace Image with New Version
- Set Social Media Thumbnails
- Image Editor
- Convert Images into WebP
- Disable Right Click on Image
View detailed Changelog from [πŸ‘‰ here](
PHP version 7.4
WP Version 5.0
Tested up to 6.1


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  • simple and useful in many ways

    I had to rethink the option of deleting my extra images or not. After some research I had chosen to change my function.php code instead of using a plugin. But this ImageSize has helped me to check what strings where actually the ones to modify. I have now uninstalled it, but when I tested it worked smoothly. It’s very useful if you know that you will never need extra images… in my case I needed to do a custom setting so I’m not using it anymore but, as I said, ImageSize is simple and effective.

  • Works great!

    I have this on 5 different installations now. I used it along with Force Regenerate Thumbnails to get rid of lots of unneeded redundant images that were taking up my storage quota. Use this plugin first to specify which sizes you want to generate, then run Force Regenerate Thumbnails to delete the redundant sizes. I had 9 additional resizes being created by WordPress and my theme! That’s a lot of wasted space. Just be sure not to get rid of sizes that are actually being used for something!

  • Excellent. Just what I needed.

    Excellent. Something that should exist years ago, finally here.

  • Best and only working plugin!

    It perfectly works on all versions of WP. It does what it says.
    Stops generating unnecessary image sizes, so save spaces and prevent crowded files.
    Best of the best.

  • Essential plugin

    You are a hero. The resizing of images by WordPress is borderline moronic. Increasing uploaded image sizes (in kb) almost tenfold, sometimes!

    This plugin is a must-have for optimizing loading speeds.

  • most useful plugin i ever tested

    this must be the most useful plugin i ever tested in wordpress, without this i couldn’t even bare to use wordpress. this save me from the hideous plague of duplicated, unwanted and ridiculous auto generated thumbs. thanks a lot πŸ™‚

  • Stop generating thumbnails

    You can combine this plugin with Photon’s Jetpack, thumbnails are created on-the-fly on the jetpack server.

  • It works! but…

    I’ve just used this plugin, and it cleaned about 80% useless files, so MARVELOUS!! However, a part of thumbnails were resized (ex: from 300Γ—179 to 300Γ—180), so that some articles couldn’t read them, and I must edit the articles manually. It’s a very good plugin, KEEP GOING and IMPROVE IT!

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